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  • Absorbine® More Muscle® Maximize

    Manufacturer: W.F. Young

    More Muscle® Maximize delivers training and performance support for your horses’ exercising muscles. Lysi-Crea® Complex, a proprietary blend of Lysine and Creatine, supports muscle development. Prebiotics and Ganeden BC30® probiotic help restore the balance in the total digestive tract. Probiotic supports bioavailability of muscle-building ingredients. Antioxidant properties of Gamma Oryzanol support a healthy immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain calmness.

  • DuraMask™ Equine Fly Mask

    Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care

    Now with a name tag! Protects from flies and other biting insects. Clear vision. Double locking fastener hidden under the jaw. Comfortable fit with fleece edges. Available in 6 sizes: Foal/Pony, Yearling, Arabian, Horse, X-Large and XX-Large/Draft. 3 year warranty. 

  • Offset Dee Bit, 5" Sweet Iron Snaffle Mouth with Copper Inlay

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 25-1768

    This antiqued offset dee bit features a 5" sweet iron snaffle mouth with copper inlay, 2-3/4" offset dees and engraved German silver dots.

  • Boot Stitch Browband Headstall, Pink

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 10-0395

    Featuring intricate stitching inspired by chunky cowboy boots, this 5/8" sunset harness leather browband headstall is adorned with top grain overlays at browband and cheeks with pink boot stitch embroidery. Precise pink stitching at edges offers added flair. Nickel plated hardware. Horse size.

  • Absorbine Botanicals™ Natural Herbal Liniment Massage Foam

    Manufacturer: Absorbine Horse Care Products

    Quickly cools, soothes, and refreshes with 12 herbs and essential oils, including Aloe Vera and Arnica. Rewards you and your horse with relaxing aromatherapy while gently soothing sore muscles and tendons. 

  • Absorbine Botanicals™ Natural Herbal Liniment Body Rinse

    Manufacturer: Absorbine Horse Care Products

    Quickly cools, soothes, and refreshes with 12 herbs and essential oils, including Aloe Vera and Arnica. Rewards you and your horse with relaxing aromatherapy while gently soothing sore muscles and tendons.

  • Terramycin® Antibiotic Ophthalmic Ointment

    Manufacturer: Pfizer

    A topical antibiotic mix for mild bacterial eye infections. Used as local treatment for conjunctivitis and secondary bacterial inflammatory conditions of the eye.

  • E3 Brightening Shampoo for Horses

    E3 Brightening Shampoo Non-staining formula for brighter manes, tails & coats. Palomino, Paints, Grays and other Fancy Colors will look better than ever.  E3 Brightening Shampoo is loaded with optical brighteners that give your horse brighter whites, shiny highlights and silvery, sparkling grays. Our unique formula works to neutralize yellowing and enhance highlights. Fortified with Nano Multi-Vitamins A,C, E & F for superior absorption and penetration to the mane, tail and coat.

  • Elite Equine Evolution Hoof Oil

    Model: hoofoil

    Fortified with Nano Vitamins A, C, E & F, which are Nano-encapsulated in a sustained and controlled delivery system. This causes better absorption and penetration of the vitamins, which helps bring moisture to the hooves.

  • Bling Brushes - Medium Bristle

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 69-6087

    Blinged-up handles give these all-purpose brushes on-trend style. Adding sparkle and shine to grooming time, they perform as great as they look with polypropylene bristles.  Zebra and giraffe patterns offer a walk on the wild side, while the rainbow pattern adds the perfect touch of fun.

  • Lexol® Quick-Wipes Leather Cleaner

    Manufacturer: Summit Industries

    Lexol® Quick-Wipes Leather Cleaner is the best leather cleaner you can buy. Strong for tough jobs, but gentle enough for fine leather. Our formula is pH-balanced to match the pH of leather so that it safely cleans and doesn't cause harm or deterioration to leather like traditional Saddle Soap can.

  • Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth 40lb.

    Manufacturer: Absorbent Specialty Products, LLC

    Red Lake Earth (RLE) contains a unique, naturally occurring blend of Diatomaceous Earth and Montmorillonite. All Red Lake Earth products meet Food and Feed Grade specifications. Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth is approved for use as an anti-caking agent or pelleting aid in all types of animal feed, in amounts not to exceed 2% of the total diet.

  • Lexol® Quick-Wipes Leather Conditioner

    Manufacturer: Summit Industries Model: 1019

    Lexol Conditioner is invaluable in breathing new life into old or neglected leather that has gotten hard, stiff or brittle. It extends the life of leather, protecting it from cracking and drying by renewing the natural oils used in the tanning process.

  • E3 Elite Waterless Argan Shampoo for Horses

    uperior moisture and shine without the hassle of a time consuming bath. Simply spray, lather and wipe dry. First and only Mororrcan Argan Oil shampoo for Horses on the market today. Argan oil provides super moisture and superior shine.

  • E3 Elite Aniti-bacterial/Anti-fungal Shampoo for Horses

    A gentle medicated shampoo commonly used for treatment and prevention of bacterial and fungal skin disorders. Relieves itching, irritation and skin infections. Fortified with Nano Vitamins A, C, E & F, which are NanoEncapsulated in a sustained and controlled delivery system. This allows for better absorption, penetration and diffusion of the vitamins, which helps prevent inflammation and aids in the healing process.  Specially formulated for horses.

  • Pyranha® Pyrethrin Shampoo™ for Dogs and Horses

    Pyranha® Pyrethrin Shampoo™ is an insecticidal shampoo rich in coconut conditioners that aid in building body, luster and groomability to the coat of your animal. It controls stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, face flies, gnats and mosquitoes on horses. For dogs, cats and other small animals, it is highly effective against fleas, ticks and lice when used as directed. Pyranha® Pyrethrin Shampoo™ is ready-to-use and is available in a 4 oz trail-size, 12 oz and 32 oz bottles.

  • Repel-X®p RTU Fly Spray

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    The horseman's choice for more than 30 years. Repel-Xp provides economical protection from house flies, horn flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Also kills ticks, horse flies, deer flies and stable flies. Single application keeps flies, gnats, ticks and mosquitoes off horse for days.

  • Purina SuperSport™ Amino Acid Equine Supplement 25 lbs

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 3002910 203

    Vitamin & mineral fortification makes nutritionally balanced formula to complement the horse’s total ration. Grain free formula is suitable for horses requiring a soluble carbohydrate restricted diet. Palatable pelleted form helps encourage consistent intake. Recommended for top equine athletes of all ages in all disciplines.

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  • Nutrena® Pennfield Fibregized Omega Specialty Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Cargill Model: 206418

    A unique formula perfectly suited to sales prepping, maintaining a healthy weight, and improving overall bloom and appearance. Contains organic selenium and chelated trace minerals for maximum absorption. Utilizes prebiotics and probiotics for enhanced digestion. Guaranteed amino acid levels improve muscle maintenance and development. A source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which help improve immunity and hair coat health.


  • Andis® Clipper Blades

    Manufacturer: Andis International Clippers Model: 70325

    Almost 80 years ago Andis introduced products to Europe and today these products are available in 90 countries around the world. Barbers, stylists, groomers, and consumers everywhere continue to reach for Andis products.

    Multiple Sizes Available.

  • Pyranha® Zero-Bite™ Natural Insect Spray

    Fly Control the way Mother Nature Intended. The goodness of natural products such as geraniol, coconut, peppermint, and wintergreen combine to bring you mother nature’s most powerful natural fly fighter. Discover this natural alternative to traditional fly sprays where you buy fly spray.

  • Nutrena® Wrangler™ 12% All Stock Sweet Feed

    Manufacturer: Cargill Model: 95300

    Wrangler™ 12% All Stock Sweet Feed is a dietary supplement for livestock that are hay and pasture fed. This livestock feed is good for a variety of farm animals including sheep, goats, horse and weaned cattle.

  • Vetericyn® Super 7 + Navel Dip

    Manufacturer: Innovacyn

    Super 7+ Navel Care is an umbilical cord dry-out solution for newborn animals. Super 7+ Navel Care is formulated with ingredients that are safe for animals. It has been developed strictly for the purpose of animal umbilical cord dry-out and protection.

  • EQyss® Mega-Tek™ Equine Rebuilder

    Manufacturer: EQyss Grooming Products

    A revolutionary formula and a technological breakthrough for manes, tails and hooves. Strengthens hair from root to tip, so mane and tail won’t break off easily. Vitalizes hair on bare spots caused by halter and blanket rubs, or injuries. Makes hair healthier and stronger. Makes hooves stronger. Sand cracks and chipping disappear, quarter cracks heal faster, shoes hold better. Fantastic for shelly footed horses. Strengthens hoof wall. 16 oz.