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  • JT International English Raised Breastplate Full

    Manufacturer: J.T. International Model: 21-9559-7-0

    Premium quality raised leather breastplate with raised standing martingale attachment. Brown or black.

  • Coldflex Self Cooling Vet Wrap

    COLDFLEX® Vet-Wrap is made of an exclusive formulation of gelled water, embedded into an elastic foam material that provides cooling compression, and wraps completely around the injured area.

  • Weaver Diamond Braid Rope Halter

    Manufacturer: Wild Calling

    A great halter at a great price! This halter is made from a continuous piece of 3/8" poly rope with a hand-knotted construction and a double noseband and crown strap. The hollow braid spun poly lead measures 1/2" x 10'.

  • Style Stable Products World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner

    Endorsed by professionals, this spray formula gives the coat a gloss and conditions it. Easy to use and gentle on the skin and hair.

  • Shapley's Show Touch-Ups White

    Created exclusively by Shapley’s, Show Touch-Ups are color-enhancing sprays designed to safely and effectively conceal stains, scars, blemishes, and flaws. Show Touch-Ups cover completely and will produce a wide range of color depending on the number of coats applied. The colors will not smear, clump, rub off or damage the coat.

  • Safe-Guard Equine Paste Wormer

    SKU: 02178447192 Manufacturer: Intervet

    Safe-Guard Equine Paste Wormer is 10% Fenbendazole paste for the safe and effective control of large and small strongyles, pinworms, and roundworms. Safe for pregnant mares, stallions, and foals. 92 gm single dose.

  • Ivermectin 1.87% Paste Equine Wormer

    SKU: 74580111033 Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care

    With a single dose Invermectin kills 35 species and stages of worms and bots including those parasites most dangerous to young horses. Safe enough to be used on horses of all ages including foals, broodmares and breeding stallions.

  • Stock Whip

    SKU: 00039941945 Manufacturer: Weaver Livestock Model: 65-5100-RD/WH

    Red & white, 50'' with an 18'' drop.

  • Vetrolin White N Brite Shampoo

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    Brightens light-colored coats. Coconut oil derivatives and optical brighteners enhance highlights on dark-colored coats. Removes even the worst yellow stains. Great for dogs, too! 32 oz.

  • Lil' Dude Nylon Stirrups

    Manufacturer: Wild Calling Model: 35-3025

    Nylon Lil Dude Stirrups now 1 3/4" wide nylon that adjusts fron 20" to 30" approximately. A 1" wide nylon strap buckles around the saddle horn. These stirrups are designed fro less side-to-side or back-and-forth slippage when the child shifts weight. The child size synthetic stirrups are covered with sunset harness leather tapaderos to help prevent little feet from slipping through the stirrups. Nickel plated hardware.

  • Acti-Flex 4000

    Manufacturer: Cox Veterinary Laboratories

    Acti-Flex 4000 has an advanced, fast-acting, liquid formula of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Superoxide Dismutase. These ingredients occur naturally in the body, serving the function of repairing joints and many other tissues. 32 oz.

  • 5'' Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

    Manufacturer: Wild Calling Model: 25-5160

    Stainless steel, full cheeks.

  • Tom Thumb 5'' Western Snaffle Bit

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 25-5125

    6-1/2 " Stainless steel shank with copper rollers.

  • Andis Super AGRC+ Clippers

    Manufacturer: Andis International Clippers

    Powerful cordless detachable blade clipper designed for all day heavy use 3800 spm blade speed Includes a high capacity battery pack that runs continuously for one hour Sensa-Charge charging system recharges battery in one hour or less.

  • Slide-Tec™ Skid Boots

    Manufacturer: Professional Choice

    Slide-Tec™ Skid Boots were expressly created to fix the age-old problem of dirt inside the boots. We added a neoprene extension to cover the pastern and bulb of the horse's heel. This keeps dirt from penetrating the boot and causing burns during sliding stops or tight turns. Strong but flexible, the skid cup ensures the optimum protection of the fetlock and surrounding area. Standard size.

  • Back Cinch Complete 3"

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 40-1255-DC

    Keep your saddle from lifting with this doubled and stitched skirting leather complete back cinch from weaver Leather. Includes 1-3/4" wide billets, burgundy latigo leather girth connector strap, nickel plated hardware and roller buckle. Cinch measures 3" wide.

  • Nylon 30' Lunge Line

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 35-7043-RD

    This nylon lunge line has a convenient, non rust solid brass snap. Measures 1" x 30'. This premium nylon lunge line's looped end  prevents the line from sliding through your hands.

  • Professional Choice SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad

    Manufacturer: Professional Choice

    SMx Air Ride Saddle Pads are specifically designed for strong-shouldered and prominent-withered horses and have a ½ inch breathable core, plus a second layer of padding in the dished out areas behind the shoulders and along the spine. This extra padding helps to achieve a better saddle fit and assists in the even distribution of pressure across the entire back, especially relieving pressure from the highly
    susceptible withers and kidney areas.

  • Davis Bell Boots for Horses

    Designed for overreach protection and contoured to minimize spinning. Davis Bell Boots are made of a heavy duty PVC that resists rips,  tears, and are more durable than rubber boots. Easy to clean and have double-locking VELCRO® brand closures. Pair of medium glitter purple or medium blue.

  • Weaver Leather 1200 Denier Winter Stable Blanket

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 35-1511

    Designed for cold weather, this blanket features 400 grams polyester fiber filling and a 70-denier liner for comfort and warmth. The 1,200-denier material offers durability and breathability. Double surcingle front closures provide easy on and off. A belly strap and two leg straps help keep blanket in place. Rubber grommets on the surcingles offer a more secure closure.

  • J.T. International Tough-1 600D Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket

    Manufacturer: J.T. International Model: 34-1625-17-69

    From the original TOUGH-1. Medium/Heavyweight. Designed without a back seam to prevent leaking. Made of 600 denier ripstop poly outer shell with waterproof 210 lining, 250 grams of poly fill. Fleece wither protection. Crossed surcingles with elastic ends. Adjustable leg straps with elastice ends. Double buckle front. Shoulder gussets allow freedom of movement.

  • Vetericyn Eye Wash Infection Treatment

    Manufacturer: Vetericyn

    4 oz. Broad spectrum infection treatment – Vetericyn is scientifically designed to treat a wide variety of wounds, skin ulcers and abrasions. It can be used to treat hot spots, ring worm, pigeon fever, rain and cinch rot, eye and ear infections, fungal infections, skin rashes, cuts and burns, post-surgical incisions and topical infections.

  • Purina Equine Senior Active Healthy Edge 50 lbs

    SKU: 49706 Manufacturer: Purina Model: 30003276 506

    Today's horses are living longer lives, and the lifestyle of an active, aging horse requires special care and proper nutrition to maintain optimum health. Purina® Equine Senior® Active Healthy Edge® horse feed is a nutritionally balanced and specifically formulated for the active, aging horse whose caring owner wants their companion to feel as healthy as it looks.

  • Weaver Deluxe Trail Synthetic Leather Saddle

    Manufacturer: Wild Calling

    16" seat. A better-fitting saddle tree and an updated look make this saddle a customer favorite! With an updated faux leather construction, this saddle has a premium look and feel with easy care and convenience! This saddle features a suede-like seat and cantle, a leather pommel, a durable polypropylene full Quarter Horse tree, and foam padding underneath seat for added comfort. The tree and saddle horn are reinforced with steel for added strength.