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  • Mrs. Pastures® Cookies for Horses 

    Our cookies are proudly made right here in the USA, so you can be confident that you’re feeding your horse quality all natural ingredients with no preservatives. Mrs. Pastures® Cookies for Horses are made with a lot of love!

  • Quiesscence Vitamin Mineral Supplement

    Quiessence horse supplement provides magnesium and chromium, which are important to proper nerve and muscle function. Quiessence's calming effect can benefit nervous, high-strung, irritable or sore horses and makes them easier to manage, ride and handle. Studies show additional benefit to horses with thick, cresty necks or that were overweight and prone to founder.

  • Banixx Shampoo 

    Banixx®, the #1 trusted First Aid solution for horse & pet owners, now offers a veterinarian strength shampoo that is ultra-enriched with Marine Collagen protein. The new Banixx® medicated Shampoo, developed at the repeated request of customers, was formulated to aid horses in the recovery of multiple anti-fungal/anti-bacterial skin conditions such as Rain Rot (Rain Scald), Scratches, Girth, Mane, & Tail Itch, SweetItch and Dermatitis.

  • Prodigy Performance Boots 

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 35-4289-P14

    High-performance athletic boots are engineered with a Dynamic Sling System that provides superior support and protection to the suspensory tendons and ligaments. Our research and development team went above and beyond to ensure that both the wrap and sling were designed just right to ensure a perfect fit to the equine leg. We enlisted a variety of industry professionals and a wide range of horses to perform hours and hours of testing to fine tune the design. 

  • Hay Bag-Slow Feed Net Front 

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 35-1380

    Ruggedly constructed from 600D polyester, these top-loading hay bags feature a slow feed design that promotes slower feed consumption for better digestion. The slow feed method also helps to alleviate boredom as well as reduce hay waste. Great for use in stalls and trailers, these bags easily hang from two adjustable, detachable straps and hold two average-size flakes of hay. Measures 25" W x 18-1/2" H with an 11-1/2" top opening. Mesh bottom for ventilation.

  • Hay Bale Net-Slow Feed 

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 35-4044

    Designed with smaller size holes for slower feeding and better digestion, these 36" rope hay nets are perfect for holding hay at shows.

  • Stop The Pain Natural Bute Alternative 

    Manufacturer: Cox Veterinary Laboratories

    Stop The Pain is a supplemental source of vitamin B12 for horses in a palatable cherry-flavored solution containing yucca extract and devil’s claw extract. Research has shown, yucca and devil’s claw extracts help to relieve pain and inflammation related to arthritis, osteoporosis, and performance related injuries. 

  • Progressive® Envision® Classic Fortified Fat Supplement for Horses

    Manufacturer: Cargill Model: 31600201

    Envision® Classic is an extruded (fully cooked) mini-nugget that contains a blend of high-quality vegetable oil sources. Fortified with amino acids, minerals and vitamins necessary for growth, performance and appearance.

  • Headstall-Crystal Braided Cord Collection 

    Manufacturer: JT International Model: 42-500-114-0

    Braided cord browband headstall with Conway buckle bit ends. Features crystal accents on cheecks and brow. Purple/black, pink/black, turquoise/ black, red/white/blue, brown/tan/black, purple/raspberry, purple/turquoise/ pink, neon rainbow.

  • Weaver Leather Reflective Halter 

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 35-7765

    Made for superior performance featuring premium nylon with a reflective stripe and heavyweight hardware, these halters feature a triple-ply nylon cheek design. Feature a rolled throat and neoprene lining for comfort. Brushed aluminum plated hardware.

  • Weaver Leather Patterned Halters 

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 35-6785

    Available in Damask, Navajo, Chevron, and Paisley. The fashion-forward designs of these halters are made with premium materials and attention to detail such as fashion hardware and colors. Box-stitching at stress points for added strength and a rolled throat for comfort.

  • Weaver Nylon Cross Ties

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 35-7070

    With a panic snap on one end and a swivel snap on the other, these nylon cross ties are easy to move to different locations. They adjust from 3' to 6'. Nickel plated and chrome brass hardware. Sold per pair.

  • Eqyss Survivor Super Detangler Shine 

    Manufacturer: EQyss Grooming Products

    Survivor Detangler works magic on any kind of knot or mat. Perfect for manes, tails, braids, or feathered legs. Just a drop is needed to loosen any knot and allow you to comb or brush out the matted hair with ease. Added vitamin E protects and softens the skin without alcohol. Non-greasy and non-sticky, will not attract dust and dirt. Can be used on a wet or dry coat. For all Horses Ponies Mares Foals. Floral scent.

  • Wahl Pro Series Plus Clipper 

    Manufacturer: Wahl Model: 8550-2401

    Pro series plus cord/cordless clipper, new longer cordless running times, now 60 minutes, powerful rotary motor, 6000 spm, clipper & blades run faster, yet stay cooler, easily cuts bridle path, fetlocks, trims whiskers & ears.

  • The Original Krudzapper 

    8 Oz. topical ointment. Krudzapper is a topical ointment for all animals that is safe and effective. Krudzapper is the only skin product on the market that is formulated using animal fat as its base. We systematically infuse the lard with our proprietary blend of sulfur, disinfectants and oils resulting in the most effective ointment for the treatment of skin conditions on the market today.

  • Majesty Flex Kalm + Wafers 

    Manufacturer: Majesty's Animal Nutrition

    Calming wafers are especially helpful when your horse is anxious, nervous, distracted or exhibits behavioral problems. These herb-free wafers support balanced behavior, promote relaxation and reduce hyperactivity — especially during traveling or competitive situations. They contain Vitamin B1 as well as L-Tryptophan, an amino acid that converts to seratonin, a hormone that increases feelings of well-being to help your horse be calm and relaxed.

  • Safe-Guard® Equi-bits® Equine Dewormer 

    Manufacturer: Intervet

    Introducing Safe-Guard® Equi-bits® (fenbendazole), the alfalfa-based pellet that lets you feed and deworm in a single step. 

  • White Lightning Liquid 8 oz. 

    White Lightning is a solution which has the ability, when mixed with equal parts of white vinegar, to produce chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is very aggressive in neutralizing bacteria, fungus and yeast, and has been proven to be highly effective in the treatment of White Line Disease, Thrush, and Hoof Rot.

  • Keratex Frog Disinfectant 50 ml

    Manufacturer: Penn-Plax

    Keratex Frog Disinfectant contains tea tree oil, a powerful and specific disinfectant which protects against the organisms which cause thrush. Other ingredients contribute by dehydrating the cell structures of invading bacteria and fungi.

  • Horse Grooming Solutions Sunflower Suncoat  32 Oz.

    Healthy HairCare Sunflower Suncoat SPF Sunflower Performance Formula contains Sunflower Extract that protects against both dangerous and damaging UV-A and UV-B sun rays.

  • Trail Gear Saddle Bag-Brown 

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 15-0200-BR

    Durable and weather-resistant, this saddle bag is where form meets function. This bag feature adjustable straps for stability and ample room for storage, one with an insulated insert perfect for food and drinks and one with additional interior pockets. 

  • Cashed Econo Fly Mask-Horse 

    Manufacturer: Carbon Express Arrows Model: EFMHS

    The Econo Fly Mask provides excellent protection on a budget. Lightweight mesh material helps reduce sun exposure while keeping insects at bay. 

  • Cashel Wounded Warrior Flymask with Ears

    Manufacturer: Cashel Model: CFMHSE-BL

    There is no way we can repay the debt we owe the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces. In an effort to help those who carry the scars from their service, a portion of proceeds from all blue-trimmed fly masks will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

  • Start To Finish® Peppermint Horse Snacks

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Peppermint flavored, these tasty & wholesome treats are made with real, premium ingredients! Plus, they are the perfect size for training and rewarding.

  • Fluorescent Green Paintstik® All-Weather Livestock Marker

    The All-Weather Paintstik is the original livestock marker created over 69 years ago. The special paint formula in stick form is designed to temporarily mark all types of livestock including dairy and beef cattle, hogs, and sheep. The non-toxic paint is safe for all types of livestock. Available in 16 colors for all your marking needs.