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  • Purina® Amplify High-Fat Supplement for Horses

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 30 lb. pail

    A high-fat, controlled starch nugget for weight gain, performance, shine and bloom. Formulated for horses that need extra calories from fat for weight gain, conditioning, competition, showing and sales preparation. Also appropriate for stallions and gestating and lactating mares. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina® Free Balance® 12:12 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina

    The added vitamins and minerals needed to balance a pasture or hay-only diet. Available as a palatable granular mineral or block. Formulated for horses on a pasture or hay-only diet and those with increased nutritional needs, such as growing horses and broodmares. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Aloe Heal™

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    Contains a high concentration of natural aloe vera, plus additional amounts of vitamins A, D and E as well as safflower and sunflower seed oils. Soothing and healing action for minor cuts and skin abrasions.  Available in 4 oz and 16 oz jars.

  • Nutrena® SafeChoice® Mare & Foal Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    A controlled starch feed for pregnant or lactating mares and growing horses through the second year. SafeChoice Mare & Foal helps ensure your new addition gets off to a strong start. It’s designed with those key first years in mind. It nourishes growing muscles, contributes to proper bone growth, supports a young immune system, enhances hair and hoof quality, and aids in nutrient digestion and health.

  • Nutrena® SafeChoice® Maintenance Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    A controlled starch formula for maintenance horses with moderate energy needs. There may come a time when your horse’s activity level tapers off a little. SafeChoice Maintenance is a proven controlled starch formula that supports healthy digestion at a moderate calorie level.

  • Cashel Navajo ZigZag Neon Saddle Pad

    Manufacturer: Cashel Model: N32-ZZ-Neo

    Made from 100% woven wool fibers, Navajo Blankets are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They can be used under felt or cushion pads to extend the life of the pad and provide additional padding when needed. They also work great used on top of a plain cushion or felt pad for the show ring. 1/4” thick. 32" x 34".

  • Nutrena® SafeChoice® Senior Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    A high-fat, controlled starch, complete feed to meet the unique needs of senior horses. SafeChoice Senior gives your old friend what she needs to make every year golden. It’s specifically designed for horses over fifteen, especially those suffering from unexpected age-related weight loss, exhibiting sluggishness, experiencing issues with muscle or coat quality, or having difficulty chewing their hay.

  • Stall Mat - 4' x 6' x 3/4"

    Animat Original rubber mats are an effective, comfortable, long-lasting and economical solution for those who want the best at an affordable price.
    Animat Original rubber mats are made according to the same quality criteria as Interlock and are designed to adapt to most standard floors

  • Enrich Plus™ Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 3002564

    Enrich Plus™ Horse Feed is a concentrated, pelleted ration balancing horse feed designed to be fed as a horse’s sole ration, along with quality hay or pasture. Concentrated formula with low 1-2 pound feeding rate. Fills protein, vitamin and mineral gaps in forage, without unnecessary calories. Low sugar, low starch formula contains no grains. Click here for information about this product.

  • Manure Fork- Available in Multiple Colors

    Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company Model: PDF1

    Extra strength and durability in the classic Little Giant DuraFork bedding fork. Made of 18-gauge, corrosion-resistant yellow dichromate-plated steel, with a triangular support brace to prevent the fork head from coming loose. Variety of colors available.

  • Durvet DURALYTE A Electrolytes

    Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care

    Apple flavored DuraLyte A™, cherry flavored DuraLyte C™ and tropical fruit flavored DuraLyte T™ are supplements designed for the support of normal recovery time after strenuous activity and help maintain a normal electrolyte balance year round. 5 lbs.

  • Nutrena® Empower® Topline Balance™ Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    Empower® Topline Balance™ Horse Feed is designed to round out nutrition for your horses that get adequate energy from good quality forage or pasture. It’s a ration balancer offering a blend of the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your horse needs to look and feel its best, including unique support for better topline health. The low-feeding rate is a great benefit, making it the perfect partner with pasture or hay, or as a top dress to another feed.

  • Standlee Beet Pulp Pellets

    Manufacturer: Standlee Hay Company

    When your horse gets injured or sick, we know you want to do everything in your power to help it recover. We've produced our beet pulp pellets and shreds from locally grown Idaho sugar beets to offer them the perfect food to help speed their recovery process. Beet pulp is also great for animals that need to gain weight.

  • DuraFend® Multi-Species Medicated Dewormer

    Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care

    DuraFend® Multi-Species Medicated Dewormer is indicated for the control and removal of worms in a broad range of animals. Pellets may be top dressed or blended with feed. For use on: Beef and Dairy Cattle, Horses, Swine, Growing Turkeys, Zoo and Wildlife Animals.

  • Bronco® E Equine RTU Fly Spray

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    Bronco® E Equine Fly Spray is a non-oily insecticide repellent. It may be applied with a trigger spray applicator, or as a wipe. Bronco® E Equine Fly Spray is an Official Fly Control Product of the USEF and the AQHA. 32 ounces.

  • Nutrena® SafeChoice® Perform Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    SafeChoice Perform is the controlled starch formula for hard workers and hard-keepers. It has the balance of highly digestible energy you’ve come to trust from SafeChoice Original, plus it’s formulated with more energy from fat to meet the needs of performance, breeding horses and lactating mares. 

  • Nutrena SafeChoice® Special Care Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    A low, controlled starch formula for horses with metabolic concerns and easy keepers. SafeChoice
    Special Care is specially designed for horses that are prone to metabolic issues related to starch intake and
    is formulated at just 11% starch. If you're looking to avoid corn in your horse's feed, SafeChoice Special Care is a perfect choice. It's also ideal for easy keepers, ponies, and miniature horses.

  • Nutrena SafeChoice® Original Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    A proven controlled starch formula for all life stages. Nutritionally balanced for growing and mature horses alike, SafeChoice Original helps make feeding a wide range of horses more convenient - without sacrificing nutritional quality or peace of mind.

  • ®ULCERGARD for Horses

    Manufacturer: Merial | Boehringer Ingelheim

    Equine stomach ulcers, also called Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome or EGUS, create a painful condition that can reduce your horse’s performance and can even lead to death.Horses with EGUS often suffer in silence before they are diagnosed and the horse owner never knows it. Even worse, stomach ulcers can appear or recur in as little as 5 days.

  • Corta-Flx U-GARD®

    The Results Are In! Field Trials Prove U-GARD® Highly Effective On Gastric Ulcers! Results of a 73-day field trial conducted with thoroughbreds at a race training facility in Southern Illinois showed impressive improvements in horses with a variety of grades of ulceration through treatment with U-GARD®. One horse made a complete recovery, with no evidence of gastric ulcers or lesions, and all made significant improvements. Get U-GARD® for your horse and make gastric ulcers a thing of the past.

  • Thrush Buster 

    Manufacturer: Southern States

    Stomp out thrush on contact with the 2oz Thrush Buster. You will get a thrush treatment so powerful that is lasts up to eight days without reapplication, even in the wettest, muddiest terrain. In just a single application, the Thrush Buster not only relieves the agonizing, crippling effects of thrush, but dramatically reduces the chances of reinfection.

  • Southern States Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage

    Manufacturer: Southern States

    Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage supplies the horse with its entire diet - forage as well as vitamins and minerals. The product is 6% fat and contains the EquiMix technology found in all Triple Crown feeds. The grass hay used in Triple Crown Safe Starch is specially selected for low NSC levels and the product is molasses and grain free.

  • Southern States Triple Crown 30% Performance Pelleted Supplement

    Manufacturer: Southern States

    Designed for those who prefer to feed their horses grains and/or forage products, but who want all the benefits of Triple Crown Nutrition's EquiMix technology and revolutionary formula. Triple Crown 30% Performance Supplement Pelleted 50lb is specifically designed for growing horses and broodmares as well as those performance horses that need quality protein.

  • Beet Pulp Without Molasses

    Plain - no molasses added. The only ingredient listed on the label will be "Beet Pulp". The sugar content of unmolassed Beet Pulp can range from 6% to 12% but is usually less than 10%.

  • Southern States Legends Carbcare Show Pleasure 

    Manufacturer: Southern States

    Legends CarbCare Show & Pleasure is a pelleted, fixed ingredient formula specifically designed for mature horses in light to moderate performance, pleasure and show activities. This feed contains 6% fat to provide increased calories for stamina. In addition, Legends CarbCare Show & Pleasure is a perfect recommendation for horses with excitability, metabolic issues and sensitive digestive systems.